Listening With a Leo – Mix Tape #4

This one is for my wife.

One night I was flipping through songs on my massive list of favorited songs–I was feeling a specific vibe and knew exactly which tracks I needed. As I skipped around, the wife asked me what playlist I was listening to. I told her that I wasn’t, that I was just picking the songs I wanted for that moment. She told me she wished it was a playlist because it sounded like something she would like to listen to while she paints.

So I went back through the tracks, put them together, and here they are. I even added a few extra (but you won’t know which ones).

I think this is a good playlist for painting or studying or organizing or writing. For me, it’s not good for writing because I need instrumental tracks otherwise I sometimes end up typing the lyrics…but you’re not me so who knows.

We suddenly have a lot of time to organize and paint and craft and meditate and cry and think so I hope these songs feel good. And if your life hasn’t really changed and you haven’t found yourself with any extra time on your hands (like my wife), maybe you can enjoy these tunes in the car or while you’re walking the dog or while you’re entering data in spreadsheets (this is a good spreadsheet playlist).

I’m lounging on the couch a lot and yelling at the dogs. I’m not crafting or trying my hand at a new skill or learning a new language. I’m not even cross-stitching (and that’s something I actually want to do…)

What are you doing with your extra time? OR what are you not doing?

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