Listening With a Leo – Mix Tape #2

I’m a little depressed right now.

Last night we had friends over (just two, get off my back “social distance” police) to play the board game Pandemic and drink Coronas. It was all in very poor taste but for a few hours, I forgot how scary the whole world feels right now. And then I woke up at 5am and it felt like someone was building a small house and didn’t know where to store their extra bricks so they decided to leave them on my chest.

Anxiety is scary all the time but especially when there’s a global health crisis because, for me, it manifests as chest pain, so I spend my days forcing my brain to believe that I’m not dying, I’m just low-key panicking.

When I woke up for real this morning I made the wife come back to bed so I could cry on her for a few minutes. And then I got up and have continued to feel weepy for the rest of the day. So, I give you this playlist. Something to fuel that sad little fire that burns on in your chest. Yes, it’s angsty. Yes, it’s a bit emo. But so am I right now.

Bonus song because it’s not available on Spotify and I had completely forgotten about it until assembling this list and it felt like unearthing a letter from an old friend that I miss and don’t know how to contact.

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