Greece: Day 4

I’ve been a little lazy…fingers crossed I remember everything.

Early Monday morning we woke to a new month and loaded our luggage to head to the ferry that was due to depart at 9:40am. The nice man at the hostel said we needed to be there an hour early. Our ferry was then delayed an hour. Also the ride itself took longer than excepted. I have no idea what time we actually made it to Paros. But we did indeed make it.

Boarding the ferry seemed like the craziest most unorganized event but it worked. It looked like human cattle being herded to the slaughter. I took a video for reference.

We were booked at Pension Chanioti and the lovely owner, Arsenia, said she would meet us at the port to drive us to our hostel. She was a real gem. And she had plums waiting for us in our fridge. I thought they were cherry tomatoes. Whatever they were, they were delicious and I ate them every single morning.

We settled into our room and met our friends out on the patio. We drank wine from plastic bottles and sang Moana and Whitney Houston. I love this group of people so much that I wish I could marry them and we could just be our own TLC reality show. The 2019 version of Big Love.

I don’t remember what we did between settling in and the evening but I know we went to dinner, walked to some shops and bought each other ‘secret santa’ anklets (we pulled names), and then we did one of my all time favorite things: we drank a lot and we danced our feet off. I ripped a massive hole in my Old Navy linen shorts and continued on with my night as if nothing happened. John spun me around the dance floor before anyone was on it and Aaron had a massive audience cheer on his many karaoke solos. We stayed out until 2am and my heart was so full.

The walk home was long as fuck and I thought for sure I was going to fall over. It was an amazing (official) first day in Greece.

This was probably a sub-par post but hey, it was something. Next time will be better. Next time I will tell you about a waterpark and how we were threatened with death.

please enjoy this newly-released mashup from my favorite DJ

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