Greece: Day 3

First of all, I want to say thank goodness for my phone calendar and TripIt, for without them I would be lost on the details of this trip. It’s possible you don’t actually care about the details. But as we established earlier, who is this all really for?

So here we are, Day 3, otherwise known as Sunday, June 30th. After eight hours on a plane (only in-flight for six) we landed at London Heathrow just after 10am. Panicked because our landing was delayed a full hour, we took off at a high-speed walk because neither of us felt like running. We had a connection to make, as so many others on the plane did. The difference though is that our connection was leaving from a different airport. Yes, ladies and gents, we were booked to depart London City Airport at a cool 12:50pm giving us what was originally four hours but now approximately three hours to go through customs, drive across London, go through security and board.

We determined a few days prior that our best bet would be to jump on the Heathrow Express to Paddington Station and get an Uber from there. Driving to Paddington could easily take 40 minutes but the Express train only took 15 minutes and was wildly easy to grab tickets for as we ran down towards to the track.

We could have grabbed an Uber at Heathrow and driven the whole way but that trip averages an hour and 20 minutes so we were hoping to shave off some time and cost. We also could have taken the tube there, but I’ve only been to London once for approximately 24 hours and with such a short window, I was worried about my confidence in navigating it quickly. In the end, I don’t think we saved any money but we absolutely saved time. I know this because there was another couple with the same itinerary who got out of Heathrow before we did, Ubered the whole way, but arrived after us. Of course in the very end, none of it mattered because our flight out of London City was delayed over an hour and we had plenty of time to fuck around the airport. (Not that we wanted to because this was not a particularly comfortable airport).

What we once thought was going to be the most stressful part of our trip turned out to be the most enjoyable. Driving through London was ever so lovely and a first for the wife. Who, by the way, would be deeply upset if I didn’t tell you that we saw a pregnant woman with her partner and her doula, walking the streets whilst in labor. It was like something out of a movie watching those contractions hit her. Obviously I can verify none of those things as I didn’t stop to ask her but she was visibly pregnant, clearly in pain, needed help walking, and had a man on one side and a woman on the other. So yes, I do believe she was in labor for many hours and took a stroll in an attempt to induce delivery–a home delivery at that.

We made it to London City and for the first time in my life (and I would say this is a pretty good track record) I was deeply annoyed with the airport security (they’re not “TSA” outside of the U.S., right?). The clear bag meant to hold liquids was way smaller than the ones we packed which meant we had to toss things. I held up the line for quite some time because I kept trying to pass things off as not-liquids that they insisted were in fact liquids. Also, the bag had to be sealed, something I struggled with for no less than 10 minutes.

But hey, you can keep your shoes on…

We boarded our 3.5 hour British Airways flight to Mykonos around 2pm and were so surprised to find that we were served a meal! AND that alcohol was included on this flight. I was disappointed in myself because I didn’t know that the first time the drinks came around so I ordered a measly ginger-ale. Because I am 100% that person who needs to feel like they’re getting their money’s worth.

After an easy flight with a wobbly landing, we exited the airport and met our driver whose name I don’t know but was quite lovely. He informed us that Mykonos is nicknamed “The Island of the Winds” and that today was a particularly windy day (thus explaining the landing). We quickly settled into our room at Hotel 11 and headed down the winding, only-slightly-dangerous, sidewalk-free road to town.

I had previously made reservations for a restaurant called M-eating but because of the flight delays, we missed it. I sent an email before we left London asking if we could push it back an hour but was informed that the next table wouldn’t be available until 11pm. We walked into town without a plan but the first restaurant we saw was none other than M-eating! We decided we should just check to see if perhaps there might be a table and lo and behold there absolutely was and we had the best meal of the whole trip.

Our lovely driver told us to call him at the end of our night and he would come to pick us up because he didn’t want us walking back in the dark and they had an issue with sketchy taxis. I loved him.

We cranked the A/C, took showers, I queued up some YouTube cooking vids on the TV, and we settled into bed for the rest of the night. Finally in Greece.

i’m in love

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