Greece: Day 2

I started my last post with “today and tomorrow.” That was a mistake. I should never commit myself to write because it’s guaranteed to not happen. Anyways, took the weekend off, I’m back and ready to fill you in on that flight.

Saturday, June 29th–we woke up slowly but with urgency. I had googled Best Buy locations the night prior whilst sitting on the A train to 167th. I found an option for only $250, the cheapest one there was. This was an expense we were absolutely not prepared for but we were ready to bite the bullet.

That is until our sweet and perfect hostess woke up and said she received a mini iPad five or so years ago and never uses it and would I like to have it?

This girl just about saved my life.

We spent the next hour trying to figure out how to factory reset the dang thing. Now I’m not saying it took Claire and Stephanie a combined 55 minutes before handing it over to me to solve in the remaining five minutes but I’m not, not saying it.

By this time one of us was feeling a touch hangry (not naming name, just saying it was the wife) so we set off in search of bagels. People always talk about how there are bagels and then there are NY bagels and I regularly feel like this isn’t a real thing and then I eat a bagel from NY and I remember that it is very much a thing just long enough for me to forget before my next trip back.

We returned home, bagels and Starbucks in tow, and lazed on the couch in front of Great British Bake-Off as I attempted to stay cool by quickly removing my bra. There was, of course, a moment when Claire had to notify me that one nip was in full view. Classy, as always.

After filling my belly, I descended upon the iPad, armed and ready to download videos and games designed to occupy and distract my brain for hours on end. The ladies of the house did not see the blazing heat as an obstacle and took the kitchen to whip up some macarons. I was equally in awe of their drive and determination and severely judgmental at their lack of desire to lay on the couch.

At some point I took a shower, we ordered dinner (spaghetti. yum.) and packed up the last of our belongings. As soon as we were ready to hit the pavement to the subway, it started to rain. If there’s anything my other half hates more than walking, it’s being wet whilst walking. So we forked over 80 bucks and jumped in a taxi to JFK.

We left the house at 5:12pm and rolled up to the airport curb at 6:21pm–plenty of time before our 8:45pm departure. I dumped the contents of my water bottle (actual water this time) in a trashcan and made moves towards security. There was a hot second where I thought I was going to fight someone from TSA because she told us our bags were too big to carry on and we would need to check them. HAH. We tucked those bad boys into that little display thing meant to measure your bag and showed her! Perfect fit.

We sat at our gate for a little while and then boarded the plane. When purchasing these tickets I (along with Stephanie’s urging) made the choice to upgrade our seats to Main Cabin Extra. Yes. So fancy. I did luck out when picking seats though. In Economy, the seats are arranged in a 3,4,3 setup except in a few spots where there are only two seats. I managed to grab the 2 seats in the front row of the Main Cabin Extra section which meant we were in the bulkhead which meant we had an obscene amount of legroom. Yes, our tray tables and TV screens were in the armrests which meant our seats were more narrow but you guys–so. much. legroom.

(I just searched my phone for a full hour in an attempt to locate the legroom picture but I think I posted it on my insta story and didn’t save it so it’s gone forever. My bad.)

We settled into our seats and I felt a sudden but fleeting sense of panic after we had taxied for an hour and I received a text update that our plane was delayed another 30 minutes. Joke was on me though because we taxied for a full two hours. We finally got in the air and around 11:15pm we were served dinner. I picked chicken and the only thing I remember is that it was on quinoa and it seemed “healthy” and that disappointed me. The brownie though was not healthy and I fucking loved it. I contemplated going to the galley to request any extra brownies that had been discarded by fellow fliers but I thought I shouldn’t piss off the flight attendants before such a long flight.

During and post-dinner Stephanie and I watched The Upside. It was good. Then at some point, I fell asleep! For many hours! Upon waking I received a yogurt and a fig bar and I ate neither of them. Actually, I tucked the yogurt into my bag and forgot about it until I went through security at London City a few hours later (more on that in the next post). Don’t worry–I continued to not eat it.

So the landing of the plane gets us into Day Three which means I’ll stop here. But I will say, other than the brief panic during the never-ending taxi, I experienced no panic. Zero. None. Eight hours on the plane and I was totally fine to the point where I only watched one movie and managed to fall asleep (I also have sleep anxiety. What can you do?). And the biggest of all? NO XANAX. It was dope and I felt amazing.

P.S. Scale of 1-10, how annoying are the ads on this WordPress page?

I was reminded of this song the other day when I found a mix CD from high school

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