Greece: Day 1

Today and tomorrow are short posts, so I could combine them, but I like the cleanliness and organization of keeping them separate. So here we are.

On Friday, June 28th the wife and I went to work and came home early. We finished up our last minute packing, she made a quiche from Trader Joe’s and we sat on the couch and drank beers until my dad showed up to drive us to the train station.

I also made the fiscally responsible decision to pour wine from our Trader Joe’s (are you sensing a theme?) box o’ wine into a plastic water bottle for the journey. This was a smart decision.

After an hour of standing in line at our gate in Union Station due to a delay, we settled into our seats on the car at approximately 9:30pm. I pulled out the handy dandy iPad and turned on previously downloaded Murder Mystery with Jennifer Anniston and Adam Sandler. It was the perfect movie to watch on a small screen, propped up haphazardly on a tray table whilst sipping cheap wine from a former water bottle.

Our train rolled into Penn Station around 1:00am. 20 minutes later, after exiting the train, adding money to our metro pass and wandering the station until we found the correct train, I quietly shouted, “Fuck!”

Stephanie sleepily looked at me, urging me to tell her what I was going on about.

“The iPad. I left the fucking iPad in the seatback pocket of that stupid train!”

I quickly remembered that this was the last stop for this particular route so perhaps the train was still hanging out on the track. We grabbed our luggage, ran back through the turnstile, back to the Amtrak area, back to the tracks, and watched the train pull out of the station. That was some movie shit right there. It was also a moment my therapist tried to prepare me for. It’s fine for me to use TV to distract myself when I’m anxious but what happens if the TV is not available? I thought I bypassed this issue simply by downloading all my shit in advance in case we were without internet. I didn’t think about what would happen if I tucked the thin little iPad into a pocket while I got my bag situated and then forgot all about it…

Defeated, we turned around and headed back to the subway platform, $5.50 poorer than before.

Just before 2am, we made it to our friend Claire’s apartment in Washington Heights where we would be staying for the night. We crawled onto the giant air mattress, Stephanie passed out and I played a sleep meditation until I eventually fell asleep.

P.S. I thought this was going to be a short post. Oh well.

P.P.S. Do you have any unanswered questions from some of my last blog posts? Please feel free to ask them. I’m an open book.

i always forget that videos should be horizontal…

2 thoughts on “Greece: Day 1

  1. What a beginning! Don’t worry about ‘old’ questions. I wanna hear about this new adventure!

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  2. First of all, AWESOME move with the water bottle wine hack. You learned much from the Woodley tribe. Can’t tell you how many times there was wine in those coffee mugs! 🙂

    As for the ipad, don’t sweat it, girl! I’ve left CD players, DVD players, ipads, iphones…even my laptop on planes and trains. It’s called being a traveler!!! 😀

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