What is even happening

Sometimes at night, while I’m falling asleep, I have these sparks of imagination with brilliant ideas of what to write about. And if I’m good (which is rare), I write them down in a note in my phone. I have only been able to decipher these notes a few times. And the other night is no exception.

Steph and I both got off work early because of the holiday so we decided to seize the day and take Maxwell out for a jaunt around the ‘hood. He was beside himself. It’s been a while since I cranked a post out so I suggested we go out for coffee and reading/writing afterward.

[Steph is currently on her phone “reading” but I can only assume she’s flipping through Instagram or Chrissy Teigen’s Twitter feed]

We hit up a new coffee shop (new to us) and I’m loving it because I’m currently cozied up on a couch. The chocolate croissant was meh. I’ve had better. (Have I told you I’m a sucker for chocolate croissants? I can’t not buy one).

Anyways, I get settled on this luxurious lounge of a couch and navigate to the Notes App on my phone.

[I’m going to interrupt myself here to tell you that I have an iPhone 5 and I’m fairly certain it’s becoming obsolete. I know there’s a lot of back and forth between people about this theory, and while I’ve always been a firm believer, I started to doubt myself the other day when the NYT posted an article saying the whole “planned obsoletion” is just a myth. But guess what NY Times! My fucking phone won’t update because the new update is only available for the 6 and newer. So screw you and your mythbusters.]

Sort of lost my train of thought there, going off on that rant… Oh yes! My notes. Anyways, I open my notes and find this:

“Putting off writing and time flies

Is that one post?! I can’t tell. And let’s just assume it’s two, because I’m confident that writing about Chicago could certainly be its own post, what the hell was I going for when I thought, “Putting off writing and time flies”?? Like, what is there to say about that? If I don’t keep up with these posts then suddenly I feel like I have a lot to tell you and I become so overwhelmed with the sheer volume of information that I have to unload on you that it just seems easier not to even bother telling you and suddenly five years have passed and we haven’t spoken.

And now I’m spiraling.

Do you miss my rhyming food sign-offs? Sometimes I do. But then sometimes I think, “good fucking riddance.”

I’m glad you can’t respond to me. I mean, I suppose you could in the comments, but those are easy to ignore if you happen to say you hated the rhymes. If we were face-to-face and you told me to my eyes that you hated them, well, that would be terribly difficult to ignore.


P.S. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog post when I live-blog the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

P.P.S. Are you wondering why you’ve never heard “live-blog”? That’s because it’s a horribly stupid idea. Because assuming you actually do want to read my thoughts in real-time, you will have to consistently refresh your browser. Whatever. Imma do it anyway.

the album “Raising Sand” was released 10 years ago. and I love this song.


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