Thursday Thought #15 – Sorry, Not Sorry

I want to be very careful when I become a parent to encourage my children to try different activities, especially those that might push them out of their comfort level. I don’t want them to be quitters but I also don’t want them to be miserable simply because they feel like they have to stick it out. And I especially want to be careful not to push any sort of personal agenda that I might have onto them. That being said……I would be the happiest lil mama if we happen to produce a BBoy or BGirl.

I would also be so jealous and it would be exceptionally hard for me not to be the worst kind of Stage Mom and get up and learn every bit of choreography they’re ever taught. They will 100%, hands-down, be embarrassed by me. But at least they have one parent with rhythm, right? Just kidding! (getting in trouble for that later, I’m sure)

I don’t normally include videos on Thursdays but this chick is fierce and her mama must be so proud. You should watch the whole thing because I mean why not but she goes on at 4:20, in case you don’t like fun.


written while listening to Bodak Yellow by Cardi B


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