Thursday Thoughts #13 – Latin Pop

First I want to tell you that I’m sitting on the rug on my front porch writing while it rains. Am I bragging? Fuck yes I am. Because the floor is sinking in our bathroom, the ceiling is caving in from the rain, and the whole house smells like cat piss. So this is my one good place. Which also only happens to be good when it rains because the rain covers up the smell of the dead thing. What is the dead thing you ask? I don’t know but I can smell it and it smells like death. Also, also: the cat just tried to jump onto his usual window sill in our bedroom to longingly watch me sit out here but Steph shut the window the other day so he immediately fell off. Now he’s determinedly trying to open the front door. You got this, Gilly! I believe in you!

There’s a thing you may or may not know about me. And that thing is that I was once a famed latin dancer in Havana, Cuba.

…in a former life.


It may sound crazy but I am confident that this is true! And if you don’t know this about me, you should also know that I fucking love latin pop music. And zumba classes. And giant hoop earrings (which is an absolute stereotype but true nonetheless). And a dress with a good skirt that I can whip around.

Half the population (the population that listens to Top 40 music on the radio, that is) is either fangirling over Despacito, or wonders why the fuck it’s played on the radio every 5 minutes. As someone who listens to audiobooks during her commute, I fall into the former category. And I am pleased as punch by this song. So I made a whole playlist.

So I made a whole playlist of similar songs. Because another thing about me is that I looooveee making playlists. Enjoy.

(Also what is my DJ name?)



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