Thursday Thoughts #12 – Travel Photography

I got three Alaska travel books from the library yesterday so Stephanie and I sat down last night and cranked out an itinerary for our first three days in Juneau. I think some people can go on trips and fly by the seat of their pants without any sort of plan. If this were an all-inclusive beach resort, I think the non-planning route would be perfect. But it’s not and I think Steph and I are the kind of people to end up doing absolutely nothing if we don’t have a plan. And I’m guaranteed to sleep until at least 11 a.m. Which is not great if you’re trying to cram a hundred things into your day (like we are). Also the itinerary is good because it’s making us realize how much we actually cannot afford this trip.
Is that good?
I don’t know.

I don’t remember what I was looking at today (probably scrolling through Facebook on work time), but I came across a story of some girl that started an Instagram account called @youdidnotsleepthere which is just her reposting pictures from other people’s travel photo accounts and calling them out on the absurdity of the locations in which they have claimed to sleep.

Here is an example:


I fucking love this girl and her brilliant-ness because noooooo you did not sleep there. And if you did, you’re a fucking douche. Because that looks miserable and like maybe you hate sleep.

Honestly, I hate the travel photography that lives on Instagram because it makes me feel like I have to live up to this unattainable-for-me yet awesome-looking experience. But this account reminds me that the majority of it is simply not reality. It’s staged. And it’s bullshit. And whatever Stephanie and I do in Alaska (or wherever) will be real af. And you can 100% count on that. Because I told you all that I vomited and shit my pants at the same time.


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