Thursday Thoughts #11 – The Best Customer Service

Fun fact: I am a sucker for good customer service. You could have a mediocre product but if you blow me away with innovative ways to keep my business, I will almost 100% continue to patronize you. It’s actually very rare that I love a company so much that I want to hype them up to everyone, usually I am indifferent. However I am obsessed with 1-800 Contacts and I want everyone to know.

A lot of people with blogs will write posts with serious product placement because they get some sort of kickback. Despite the fact that I linked their site on my page, I get nothing from them. They probably won’t even see this. But if they do, I would love for you guys to give me money or free contacts in return for my positive feedback! I am not above a handout, by any means.

I have literally always had great customer service from them over the probably almost decade that I have been using their services. They have upgraded my shipping free of charge multiple times for things that weren’t even their fault. I fucking love free upgrades! But what I experienced the other day really took the cake.

They sent out an email asking me to complete a short survey. I don’t mind surveys because I know that feedback, when used properly, is really good for an organization so I’m happy to help. This was an especially cool survey because they gave me $5 off my next order for completing it. And I wear daily contacts and I never buy in bulk so I’m ordering them all the damn time. But that’s not even the best part! At the end of the survey they asked, “Is there anything else we can do to make your day?” with a text box for you to fill in your answer. Obviously I asked for a video of cute puppies. A few days went by and no word so I assumed my request went unseen. BUT THEN IT HAPPENED!

So that is why 1-800 Contacts has me as a customer for life and now that I know I’m a voice actor I think maybe I should dabble in commercials and they could hire me to be the next Flo aka marketing jackpot.

#1800contacts #seriouslypleasehireme #notdesperate


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