A Quick Update

I’m alive! I did not fall asleep at the wheel and die in a fiery car crash. And I did not die of a heart attack from panicking. It’s basically a miracle. Because I was pretty darn anxious for that first hour, I did take a Zofran to calm my stomach down. I wanted a hydroxyzine but I couldn’t remember how they affected me and I was unsure about “operating heavy machinery” in the middle of the night so I avoided that. I did however just take one to see what it does to me, will update on that later. 

I don’t know if I’m cut out for catering, I’ve never had a food & bev job in my life, but I’m going to continue with it for now. I was told I did really well which means I covered up my fear of passing out from heat stroke quite nicely. I have a self-diagnosed heat intolerance and it’s probably one of the things that gives me the most anxiety on a regular basis. Which is part of why I find WNC to be a magical place because it’s June and I wore a jacket last night. AKA this place is not Charleston and that makes it heaven.

This weekend I have decided to head to DC to spend the 4th with the family and hit up another Washington Nationals game. They’re playing the Mets this time so my grandad has deemed this game worthy of his time, unlike the last game when they played the Padres and he felt as though he was much too good for them. I’m driving halfway Friday night and staying in a hotel for the night, driving the rest on Saturday and then driving the full 7 hours back on Wednesday. Thus being why I just recreationally popped one of my anxiety pills. Gotta know if I can take one of these bad boys on the road if I need it. I don’t do well with night driving. Or long drives. Or being alone. Or really anything that isn’t sitting on the couch with Steph. So basically this should be a really good time.


see ya round town-ee, my favorite yam brownie
(yam brownies, dude. so fucking good)

P.S. I am officially out of doodles/drawings.

P.P.S. The judges are deliberating about the movies as I type this so fingers crossed we find out soon that we won all of the awards and I can share my film debut.


have you seen his Kennedy Center/Symphony performance??


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