Thursday Thoughts #9 – IKEA Pups

Even though I was not around when Max the dog came to be (backstory: Stephanie is a failed foster parent), he has become quite the therapy dog for me. I often feel jealous of the people that have therapy dogs on flights because if I had the money, I would get one in a heartbeat. I have come to realize that I cannot live in a house without animals; I can recognize immediately that I am more prone to depression. Which is why I would like it greatly if I could fly with our little Maxie.

A friend and I had the great idea to put Max in a bag and bring him on board like the tiny dogs do (recap: Max is a black lab who weighs at least 90 pounds). But he’s much too heavy to be carried so we thought perhaps just a shopping bag and we cut holes for his little leggies to go through. And in this brainstorming sesh, the bag in question was very particularly an IKEA bag. I do not for the life of me know why but I wrote it down in my phone notes so it feels important to share. Maybe because IKEA is such a big store and perhaps they carry very large bags? I don’t know. I try to make it a point not to go in there. Far too many people.

BUT DOESN”T THAT SOUND ADORABLE!?!?! (still no caps lock key…) little ole maxie with his little leggies sticking out his bag holes walking through the airport while I hold the handles. And then we board the plane and and he hops up on the seat next to me and lays down with his feet tucked under so it looks like I just bought a dog statue from a Swedish warehouse store. One day I will put him in a bag and I will share a video so that you all may enjoy the satisfaction of this dodo trotting along like an animal billboard. IKEA will be forced to pay me royalties because of the level of cuteness. I should really be a business manager…


1 thought on “Thursday Thoughts #9 – IKEA Pups

  1. You’re much too fun to be a business manager. You’re the Creative Talent. With caps so people know it’s a serious position.


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