Thursday Thoughts #6 – Liquid Bananas

It’s late and I’m getting this in just under the wire but it counts. The past week and a half has been full of visitors and thus made our daily schedule very irregular. But I’m squeezing this one in and of course, just barely managed to get one in last night. And I don’t mean because of the hour of the day. I mean because wine. And also that part where I got home and stayed in bed and didn’t stop crying until approximately 10pm. Sorry, not sorry by the way.

Anyways, the size of my purse recently came up in conversation. It’s not a massive purse, I have certainly seen bigger, but it’s a good size. The purse in question is also very specifically my work purse. I have a separate one that I use for gallivanting through the city. Yes, I do in fact gallivant often. You are welcome to join me next time if you so desire. 

So this purse: most people choose larger styles for work to hold important documents or various pen styles or cumbersome binders or possibly even their laptop. I choose a larger purse for the sole purpose of food. I regularly clean out my purse because I can’t stand having much of anything inside of it. Because having “stuff” means I have less place for snacks. And I fucking love snacks. (The computer is trying to autocorrect snacks to snakes. No, computer. I do not “fucking love” snakes. In fact it is quite the opposite. I find snakes to be horrendous because nothing about them makes sense. Why don’t they have feet? How do they move?!?! I’m getting sidetracked…)

Things you can almost always find in my work purse:

  • Granola Bar (Chewy Brand. This is important.)
  • Apple
  • Banana
  • Candy bar (often a miniature version)
  • Ziploc bag with a slice of bread (for toast, duh)
  • Ziploc bag filled with a cracker or chip of sorts

And then in addition to those regular items, I’ll occasionally throw in something crazy. Like today when I included a frozen banana wrapped in foil. I love frozen bananas and I froze this particular one because it was a tad too mushy. Well I got to this class I was taking for work and may have forgotten to eat said banana on my drive and then possibly proceeded to forget about it further and then when I did remember I for some reason was feeling very self-conscious about eating this overly ripe, frozen nana in front of a bunch of strangers. So after an hour or so I finally decided I wanted it and you know what happened? That banana melted. No, no. Not just mushy. Liquid. It melted into absolute liquid. Like you could have taken a straw to that thing.

Needless to say I disposed of my unintentional smoothie in the completely empty trash can and I now apologize to this place of work for the inevitable swarm of fruit flies you are about to receive. My bad.


P.S. Gilly is asleep against the computer and he’s snoring and it’s the cutest fucking thing I’ve ever seen and I would be an absolute monster if I were to move him. Looks like I’m not sleeping tonight.


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