Australia Time is Different

Have you ever heard of The Fitness Marshall? Well, I am obsessed with his cardio hip hop videos. So if you answered “no” to that question, you should probably throw on your shoes, move all of the furniture in your living room to the side and load up one of his workouts right now.

So he has a contest and the deadline for submissions happens to be today. Obviously I filmed myself last night so that I may enter said contest. Of course, not totally sure that I actually want to win, seeing as how the winner gets flown to Australia and that’s a reallllyyyyy long flight and I think I am way too anxious of a person to endure 14 hours on an airplane. Seriously though, how do people do that and not totally and completely freak the fuck out?! I mean I would lose my shit I think. And there’s nothing anyone could do because we would be flying over water.

And yet I still want to enter because it sounds fun and because maybe I could convince him to fly me elsewhere. Cheaper even! I don’t mind (Not that this is going to happen because there are a few videos with a casual THOUSAND VOTES. And I don’t know that all 12 of you are going to be able to rack up that many…. but please! Share away!).

So anyways, today’s post is very short because I wanted to simply give you this Monday pick-me-up. Aka footage of me dancing.

NOTE: if we ever used to dance together, please pretend like you didn’t watch this. It’s much too embarrassing to admit that I danced for 18+ years and was even a minor in college.

SECOND NOTE: you’re welcome.

GUYS. I AM SO DUMB. I wrote all of that, went online to submit my video and couldn’t figure out how. I read through the terms and conditions, worried that I had messed up the date but nope! It definitely says May 8th. Wanna know what I missed though? The stupid, fucking time difference. It is currently now Tuesday, May 9th in Australia. Whelp…it was fun while it lasted. Lucky you, get to laugh at me for funsies now.


2 thoughts on “Australia Time is Different

  1. This is bad, chell. Because I’m now going to insist that every blog post ends with a dancing video of you. Because it made my day. And I secretly hope some bystander at the coffee shop I’m at was watching over my shoulder the whole time.


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