Thursday Thoughts #4 – Wine by the Bottle

I came across a blog the other day and I don’t remember at all what the purpose of the post was but I do remember that the author mentioned she typically goes through a bottle of red and a bottle of wine a month… A singular bottle of each? In a month?! 30 days?!? I had no idea that there are people who keep a bottle of wine for more than a day after they open it. And then what does she drink? Maybe she prefers beer over wine and that’s why she only needs two bottles a month. Yea, that’s it. She’s a beer drinker. Ok. This makes way more sense now. Phew. I would say I’m pretty evenly split between beer and wine. Which is why it makes sense that in this month alone, I have already gone through two boxes of wine which is the equivalent of four bottles each plus the bottle I finished last night (this one actually did last a few days) which puts me at nine bottles for the month of April. Which really isn’t even correct because my memory only covers the past week or so. Have I mentioned I like wine?




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