Till the Cows Come Home

First of all, I posted a “Thursday Thought” on Wednesday and no one even noticed…so either everyone sucks for not telling me, or we are all on the same page and thought it was already Thursday… Keeping track of time is tough.

This post is dedicated to cows. It’s not like cows are anything new to me, they have always been around but I never felt like they were all that exciting. But I guess my new home, and my new job and ultimately my new commute have given me a new-found appreciation because I have become a bit obsessed.

I’m drawn to them in part because Steph always says that Max is like a cow and I love thinking about him that way. If you don’t know Max that is an awful shame. You really should. In fact, I feel confident in saying that you are not able to live life to the fullest until you meet him.

…our little cow-dog.

Cows may be a normal sighting on your road trip to anywhere, but do you know what’s not always common? BABY COWS. Guys. If you have never seen a bebe cow in the flesh you need to get your ass in the car and hightail it to some back roads in the middle of nowhere farm-town. Besides being miniature versions of regular cows, baby cows run. And it has to be one of the cutest fucking things I have ever witnessed. I really hate to jinx myself, but I cannot believe I have not driven off the road yet due to baby cow distraction (notice how I say “yet”….sorry, wife).

My birthday is in July and if you’re wondering what to get me, pleaseeee make it a baby cow face-to-face encounter. I will remember it, and you, forever. You will also probably be at the top of my “People I like Most” list (again, sorry wife). Now I have a video for you to enjoy.


No food sign-off today because…my brain…I was also going to go without a musical selection but felt like that was too much. So you’re welcome. Here are some more cow drawings instead:


this is a good driving song. perfect for our trip to Charleston this weekend.



4 thoughts on “Till the Cows Come Home

  1. Honey, I’m not sure that is a baby cow. For one thing-calves have legs. Long, awkward legs… And I don’t know why the cows were hovering/helicoptering but that was really strange and fun to watch. But I do so love the fact that you say”baby cow”. 😁

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    1. Try this. xoxo

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  2. onthefarm@bellsouth.net April 22, 2017 — 10:43 am

    Because, cows… https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=IypL_EcI9XE Xoxo

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  3. My fav game is “hey cow”. Every time you go by a herd of cows you shout “hey Cows!!!” as loud as you can and count how many cows turn their heads to look at the weirdo human shouting at them. I’ve normalized this practice in my own household and now my wife plays too. I’m so proud.

    #youknowyourefromvirginiawhen bahahahaha

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