Thursday Thoughts #3 – Use Your Periphs

The other day, after settling into our fancy french cottage (this blog post is coming, I swear), Stephanie and I headed to the grocery store to stock up. Because I was feeling particularly fancy, I decided to wear my floppy hat out of the house. Just to paint you a mental picture, the hat sort of looks like this one below, except slightly less attractive because it has my face under it instead of hers:

Image result for brown floppy felt hat

I see people in hats like this all the time: malls, parks, beaches, living rooms, etc. I was led to believe that this is in fact a very functional accessory. Well boy was I wrong. How the fuck can you do anything with one of these bad boys on your head?! I think I ran into everyone and everything at the store. Zero peripheral eyesight. Zero. Anytime I bumped into someone or stood in the middle of an aisle totally in the way I just smiled sweetly and acted like I had no idea that I was being an unaware oaf. I’d also like to make an additional note that when your peripheral vision suffers, so does your depth perception. Just sayin’

Tough world out there, guys. Stay safe.


1 thought on “Thursday Thoughts #3 – Use Your Periphs

  1. You make my day!


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