We Got a Cat

Yes, we have a cat. No, it is not Moony. And no, I still don’t know where Moony is. Although I did read somewhere that someone lost their cat for YEARS and it turned out this adventurous little feline found her way into a shipping container and went and had herself a Parisian vacation. And her humans got her back! So I’m thinking Moony must be off seeing the world. Maybe this is her M.O. We found her on the side of the road so perhaps she has already moved on to her next destination. The ultimate hitchhiker.

The story I’m about to share is going to make me sound a tad crazy. A sad, desperate, crazy cat lady. This is my life now. There’s no use in fighting it.

You know those neighborhood facebook groups where people sell stuff? Well Hendersonville has one and I frequent it regularly. One afternoon I was browsing the listings and came upon one for a free black cat. The description said, “Need to rehome this sweet boy. Less than 18 months old.” There were three pictures of this entirely black cat and each picture looked identical to Moony. After a solid 15 minutes of intense picture comparison, I had confidently determined that this cat was in fact Moony. I messaged the woman and asked where she found her, so sure that she would say something like, “the side of the road.” Of course, she did not. She said she got him from a now-closed pet store when he was just a kitten. Still convinced, I told her that I was interested in the cat.

Now I know what you’re thinking. Moony is a lady, this cat is a boy…that came from a pet store, why on earth am I still certain that this is my long lost cat? Well, dear readers, that is where the crazy comes in. Despite this woman’s detailed response (and lack of questioning), I was certain she had made up this story to cover up the fact that she found a FEMALE cat on the street, fell in love, didn’t take her anywhere to check for a chip, and was now feeling guilt for stealing someone’s beloved house pet. I needed to see male-Moony with my own two eyes, up close and personal. I messaged her back and we set up a time and at 7pm that night Stephanie and I drove to the Fresh Market parking lot to re-meet our cat.

As you can guess I was totally and horribly wrong and everything this lady said was absolutely true and this cat is very much not Moony. She was just giving him away though, after 18 months together, and we had made it this far so I couldn’t exactly change my mind and say no thanks. What if he ended up in the wrong hands?! We packed him in our car and I started crying the minute we drove away. Crying because he wasn’t Moony. And crying because this dumb chick gave him away to a couple of complete strangers so easily. Anyways, it has been a little over a week now and we quite enjoy Gilly.

No, not that Gilly.

Image result for gilly game of thrones

Nope. Not that one either.

Still not right but so close.


Ah, yes, there he is! See him up there? That’s his favorite spot to sleep. Far away from the very large and very excited black creature with zero spatial awareness. Otherwise known as Max, the dog.

Gilly is short for gillyweed. Gillyweed, if you are not familiar, is a magical plant native to the Mediterranean Sea. When eaten, one grows gills and webbing between the fingers and toes, allowing them to process oxygen from water and navigate underwater more easily. Harry Potter, Book 4. (Back story: the wife is obsessed with Harry Potter and when we met I had never read the books, only saw the movies, so I tried to read all seven books in seven months before we went to Harry Potter world. I didn’t quite make it in seven months but I did finish, nevertheless. We made an agreement that I can adopt all the animals I want as long as they are named after Harry Potter characters. Yup. All the animals I want.). Gilly is named so because Stephanie felt as though his original (or at least original to us) moniker of Sirius Black was a mouthful. Upon selecting a new name, I wanted to be sure that it suited him appropriately. Well this lad basically chose his own name the morning he jumped in the shower with me. Unfortunately I don’t have a picture to prove it but believe me when I say that his aversion to water is almost nonexistent.

And so, Gillyweed the water cat it is.



You’re smart as a whip, my little catnip!

have you been watching 13 Reasons Why?


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