Why Do We Even Have Pennies

I’m sitting at Ecusta Brewery

I typed that Thursday night and then spent the rest of the time at the bar socializing instead of writing. Whoops. Also while at the bar, I wanted a bag of chips but had already closed out my tab. It seemed silly to charge a dollar or so and I knew I had some change so I counted out a handful of dimes and nickels and like ten pennies and sauntered up to the bar with my hand full of heavy coins. 

I approached the barkeep and asked, “how much for a bag of chips?”
He replied, “$2.09 or something like that” (I did make the price up there but I’m pretty sure I didn’t make up the “or something” part)
“Ohh,” I said, head down low, the disappointment hanging heavy on my response. “Nevermind.”
The Barkeep, we will call him John, looked at me with eyes that told me how pathetic he found me.
Laughing he said, “what chips do you want?”
Eyeing the bags carefully but also swiftly so as not to take up too much of this gentle soul’s time, I responded, “um, BBQ please.”
John removed the bag of delectable crisps from safekeeping and into my hands in exchange for the pound of monies. John let out at a giggle upon sight of his fortune and the many shiny pennies.
I was, by the way, more than a dollar short. John is a hero among men.

I discovered recently that adding tags to a blog is how you get strangers to see it. Well, a stranger recently liked one of my posts so I decided to check out his writing to see if perhaps I would enjoy it. I started with his home page and in his “about me” section he mentioned that he blogs about himself, as opposed to fashion, food or motherhood (pretty sure those are the “in” topics these days). In a sort of self-deprecating manner he also noted how narcissistic it is to be blogging solely about himself. Driving to the grocery store that night to pick up a case of Coors that was no longer on sale, I really got to thinking about this notion. This blog started as a way to document the wedding planning but has turned into something else. While I have been talking about myself and my life since day 1, it was different in the beginning because it had an underlying topic and a sense of direction. Now I write just to write.

So I’m in the Harris Teeter parking lot thinking about how much of a prick I must seem to people. So it got me wondering…why do I blog? Why don’t I just journal and keep all this shit to myself? Well for starters, I hope to use this as practice and a sort of jumping off point for a future memoir. But also I think I’m a good writer and at times even a bit funny. So I want to share this part of me with people. And they always say, “write what you know.” And I know me. And I know my life. So that’s what I write about. My self-conscious hesitation quickly dissipated the moment I started thinking of all the artists and all the athletes of the world and wondering why anyone does anything in public. It’s a natural part of human nature; the desire to share our passions and put ourselves out there in an effort to be the best.

Now none of this is to say I’m going to break ground with this thing, I just hope people enjoy it and enjoy my style. And if not, well, that’s cool too. But also then why are you reading this….
You do you foo’, imma do me.


live it up, butter cup
(and for reference, this is a cup of butter, not the flower)



bought tickets to their concert next month and I am royally stoked


1 thought on “Why Do We Even Have Pennies

  1. Don’t ever stop writing! It’s awesome to come home and find you’ve written a post. I literally laugh out loud at most of them. You have made many days a bit more awesome!


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