Thursday Thoughts #1

I wonder if there’s a study out there that could tell us how many characters on TV or in movies would get into car wrecks because they’re not looking where they’re going. I watched Bones religiously (shedding a tear now that it’s over) and Booth was always driving his big ole SUV and never looking at the fucking road! And every episode I think, “Booth! Look at the damn road! Your wife, the mother of your children and also the best person to happen to this world is sitting next to you! Look into her beautiful eyes later…like when you’re not responsible for her life!!!” 

Normally I would look something like this up, buuuuttttt it’s late and Sporcle is really calling my name.


P.s. Boron is a popular “tag” on WordPress right now…right up there with Zirconia and Fox


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