Alaskan Adventure

Leading up to the wedding Stephanie and I agreed that whatever honeymoon we took immediately afterwards would only be a minimoon, the real thing would come later. This decision was made in part because of finances but also because I didn’t want the stress of planning a bomb ass trip on top of wedding planning. That sounded like a literal nightmare. Finland seemed ideal because of our goal to see the northern lights. But due to financial constraints (if we’re gonna do it, we’re gonna do it big and I insist we do it big by staying in an igloo) and other reasons, we vetoed that (for now) and settled upon Alaska in the Spring.

Suddenly the Spring was quickly approaching and no plans had been made and it was clear that we would not be hitting up The Last Frontier in May. We finally got our shit together and sat down and looked at our calendars and blocked out a week. It feels like forever since I have taken a full week’s vacation (the wedding does not count, trust me) but really it has only been two years…only. Too long. I’m getting that travel bug again. And boy is it scratching at me. I am looking up flights and countries and tours left and right. Which may explain why we took the plunge without too much thought.

What I’m saying is that we booked our flights to Alaska!

I have not stopped researching–in fact, the two of us have barely spoken tonight because I keep looking shit up. I seriously could not be more excited. I have a google doc made up solely of site links to activities, restaurants, and hostels in the areas we’ll be staying. Steph has to remind me occasionally (read: regularly) that I cannot get carried away. It’s tough though; I want to do everything.


Our trip begins on August 25th out of Charleston to Seattle. We have an overnight layover there with enough time to grab dinner, maybe a drink and get settled in our beds for the night.

Early on the morning of the 26th we fly out to Juneau.

Juneau’s time will be spent possibly taking a whale watching tour and definitely flightseeing to a glacier where will we land for a dogsled adventure. For as long as I can remember I have dreamt of dog sledding. Growing up I was obsessed with the idea and longed for a husky that I could train to pull a sled. My mother even bought me the American Girl Doll dog sledding kit which included a snow Huskysuit for my Samantha, a fuzzy little husky and the sled. Good lord I took that thing all around the house. I did not and still do not have a husky to pull me around when I am feeling particularly lazy. And although I can’t cross a very specific item off my childhood bucket list, I would say this is pretty damn close. See, young me thought that I was going to grow up to be some fearless, rich athlete who could do anything. With age I have come to realize that I will most likely not be participating in an Iditarod or climbing Mount Everest. Or probably spending large amounts of time in a hot air balloon or hang gliding. 9-year-old me was a dumbass who did not account for my future anxiety and lack of talent. Ah, to be young and naive again.

August 29th we fly to Anchorage, rent a car and immediately head south to Seward. If we didn’t go whale watching while in Juneau, we will take a glacier cruise here. Throwing around the idea of renting mountain bikes.

After a day or two we head north to Girdwood to hike the Winner Creek Trail. I have seen pictures and it is absolutely beautiful. I’m pretty sure I will have to force Stephanie into the hand tram but there’s no way we’re not doing it. I’ll have forced into a helicopter by this point so a hand tram should be nothing…right? Pictures to come, of course.

After Girdwood we return to Anchorage where we spend a few days enjoying the city. And maybe horseback riding, or ATVing or chartering a jet around the state…sometimes I forget I’m not a millionaire with an expendable bank account.

At this point, Max has assumed his humans have left him for dead and will never be coming back for him. He contemplates giving up and asks himself if life is really worth living.

On the evening of the 2nd we don’t go to sleep because we have to be at the airport in the middle of the night. The 3rd will be a miserably long day because after 13 or so hours of travel by plane, we will have a 4 hour car ride back to Hendersonville.

I did the math today and I have a ton of friends who have lived in or spent an extensive amount of time in Alaska. So please, please, please feel free to offer suggestions. 


Also you may have noticed a new blog theme. What do you think? I think I like it.


Let’s not hope for famine, my little salmon
(…I just really wanted to work in salmon)


this. all day. on repeat.




1 thought on “Alaskan Adventure

  1. That sounds ah-mazing!!!! I should let you plan my future trips. I am so excited for you-what a beautiful life the two of you are creating. 💕


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