Cake Cake Cake


It’s 11:15pm, I’m laying in bed and my wife is snoring next to me and my dog is snoring on the floor. We are a cute bunch. I feel wide awake and I can’t stop looking at Buzzfeed lists. Especially the ones with shit to buy on Amazon. My Amazon wishlist is huge.

So instead I’m going to make myself slightly more productive and tell you that after the family hike we went on tonight (which is to say Max came too), we picked up Harris Teeter subs and slices of cake because BOGO. Harris Teeter’s yellow cake with chocolate fudge frosting tastes like something made straight from the hands of the gods. This shit is delicious. If you have a HT nearby, I insist you run out and get you a piece ASAP. Treat yoself. Amirite? Moving here and away from my usual cake slices I worried that I would be losing a staple part of my diet. When we walked in the store the other day and I saw that little piece of heaven displayed directly in front of the entrance I knew immediately that the universe was on my side. Yes, there was some slight trepidation that perhaps this sugary square would not live up to the Charleston version but as soon as I lifted the fork to my lips I knew that the teet had failed me not. This cake is the bomb diggity. This cake is the reason people get out of bed in the morning. This cake is the reason for the Trojan War (haven’t you ever heard of the slice that launched a thousand ships?). This cake is the reason for the season. And the season is now! Get you some cake, gurl.

This post is brought to you by the HT bakery and my period.

This is not a paid promotional advertisement (but I wish it were).

I think that’s all I wanted to share tonight. Short and sweet.

You’re neat and you deserve a treat
(Too late to come up with something better)

but also this song/video


1 thought on “Cake Cake Cake

  1. I like how you wrote about cake on mah birthday!


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