On Monday We Play Catch Up

Welcome to my new computer! You can’t tell it’s new but I can. She’s 15 inches, white and her name is Alice. She’s a chromebook and so far I really like her. I spent many hours researching what I wanted and finally decided to go for it. I’m past the 15 day return mark to Best Buy so I think she’s mine forever. Quite the commitment I’ve gotten myself into. Poor old former laptop is tucked into one of the cabinets under the TV and hasn’t been turned on in over a year. Hopefully Alice doesn’t meet the same fate. My fingers are crossed for her.

To update you on my life:

Stephanie and I got married and she has now officially changed her name. Yes, we are the Millers.

We moved to Hendersonville, NC and live in, what I like to call, a 2.5 bedroom house. 1 master, 1 guest and one laundry room that’s way too big for a laundry room. The walls are plaster and painted this god awful red that I felt too poor and lazy to paint over. The dining room walls are wood. Not like a cool, Joanna Gaines, shiplap-type wood. Just ugly wood paneling. And dark. This house is dark. It is in desperate need of recessed lighting (we literally just watched an episode of Fixer Upper not five minutes ago). The porch is big and wonderful and has lights and rocking chairs and a swing. The porch and the fenced-in backyard were the two major reasons that I was able to overlook the broken window panes, broken tile in the bathroom, the dishwasher that’s not installed properly and threatens to destroy all of my dishes every time I open it, the front door that we do not own a key to, etc. (seriously, the list goes on). But we like it here. Steph has started gardening, I am decorating and cleaning every chance I get. We are nesting a bit and it’s fun.

I work at a summer camp/outdoor-focused semester school. I wish I could take you on a video tour of the campus because it’s beautiful. You would like it.

I bought a $20 moleskine journal because my “lenten promise” was to write in it every day to help with my blogging and other such things. You can probably guess how much I’ve written in it. The answer is 1.5 pages. Twenty fucking dollars. Think they’ll take it back? I would offer to rip out the pages I’ve written in but honestly I think it’s kind of me to leave them in there because those bad boys will probably be worth big bucks one day. Probably.

We went to the grocery tonight to buy dog food and Steph’s treat was some lemon pie. Mine was wine. Three dollah wine because I only settle for the good stuff.

I have started taking horseback riding lessons again and it is magical. I try to go every other week. It’s $40 a lesson and sometimes that feels too expensive and like I should drop it altogether but then I remind myself that this is cheaper than a therapist. And right now this is good for me. I took lessons through some of highschool and was trained only in English. Fun fact: I have always wanted to be a barrel racer. Well, now I am taking western lessons. And Harley and I are bonding over my love for something that I can only imagine is ruining my hips. This coupled with 20+ years of dance. I do certainly see a hip replacement in my future. (P.s. Harley is a horse. I ride him. He likes me…I think).

Remember when I was anxious all the time and it seems like that’s all I ever blogged about and I told you that I tried on my wedding dress and had a panic attack and had to leave before they could do any alterations? Well, things are better now. I’m not even sure I shared enough to describe how bad it was but to quickly summarize: I traveled 4 hours with friends I’ve known 8 years and vomited on the drive up from panic and didn’t sleep all weekend because in the middle of every night I was certain that I was having a heart attack, I couldn’t get through a single night without severe chest pain, I threw up during my fucking bachelorette (and not from booze), I couldn’t fly without taking meds to calm my nerves (I know this is fairly normal, but I have always loved flying). I’m still taking lexapro at the moment but as soon as I remember to cut the pills in half, I shall be tapering off completely. My insides are calm now and it feels so good to be getting back to my old self.

My instrumental playlist on Spotify is great but I am always open to more suggestions. It currently consists primarily of Dustin O’Halloran, Zoe Keating and Balmorhea. I want more.

My grandad is stable and doing well. The cancer did spread to his brain awhile back but has not spread since (can’t remember if I already shared this). This is good news. Keep thinking of him, please. And my uncle and mother who are around all the time to take care of him.

There is one other big thing that has happened since moving here. And I can’t even think about it without crying. It has been almost two months since Moony the hurri-kitten disappeared. That little bebe came into my life for a reason, she was therapeutic. And not a single day has gone by that I haven’t thought about her. We plastered signs all around town, talked to our neighbors, and I even created a neighborhood site on Nextdoor and sent postcards to every household in our perimeter–just so I could have a forum to post about her (I’m up to 56 neighbors by the way).

I wish this keyboard had buttons to change the song. That is a feature I really do love.

Stephanie is a NC resident. I am not. I am lazy and wish to avoid the DMV and all of those fees at all cost. Please don’t tell anyone, I like things the way they are.

I won us a night’s stay at the Grove Park Inn in Asheville and we will be there over Easter weekend and good lord I could not be more excited. We are obviously (or not obviously) taking advantage of the spa during our stay. Just a cool, casual $100 manicure. This is my lifestyle now. Fetch me another cocktail, cabana boy! My mouth is ever so parched! (in case you were wondering, the cocktail in question is a mojito, obvi).

I’m listening to The Help on CD during my commute to and fro work. It might honestly be my favorite part of the day.

The grocery store blood pressure machine has deemed me “overweight.” I am going to ignore this and instead blame it on my thyroid and spend my time reveling in the newfound boobs I have acquired. I would post a picture but sometimes the wife is weird about things like that. Hard to say why…

There has been a new addition to this blog…see if you can find it. Perhaps you’ll like it?

And finally, here’s a picture of me that Alice took. Her camera is not great but we forgive her because she is quite speedy. Go Alice, go! (my face did that naturally).



You’re awfully sweet, my little red beet.

P.s. Are you a doodler? Would you be interested in snapping me picshas of said doodles? I want them. I want them real bad.

P.p.s. I think the next post might be about parades. This is a long-awaited topic so cross your fingers that I pull through.


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