I Got a Girl Crush

I haven’t been feeling particularly great about my body as of late, I am at my heaviest at 20 pounds over my usual. I’m not really complaining because it’s not like I’m doing anything to fix it. Case in point: I sat on the couch and polished off the pint of ice cream that I dumped crushed thin mints into. It was fucking delicious and I have no regrets. But going back to the point which is that I have needed something to make me feel good in my skin so I have spent the entire evening in lingerie and my robe with a glass of wine in hand and I feel like a goddamn queen. Even while I was folding a month’s worth of laundry. And stuffing my face with pasta and garlic bread. And rifling through my costume bag in search of Mardi Gras goodies (remember how much I love this holiday?). For some reason it’s important to me that you get this mental image in order to invoke the feel of my mood. I would share a picture but my wife gets weird about these things…go figure.

A few weeks ago I get an email from my therapist saying that she had read my blog and thought the wedding pictures looked beautiful. I thought it was so sweet that she took the time to email me. Well she then follows up to ask if she had done something wrong because she hadn’t heard from me in a while which is very unlike me. I thought about it and the last time I had seen her was probably in September. Possibly even August. It is now February!! Which makes me realize that I am a total dick. And leads me to the message behind today’s blog post: Stephanie and I no longer live in Charleston. This is not news to most people. However there are clearly a few people (or at least one) that I failed to tell in the whirlwind that was resigning from our jobs, Christmas break, finding a place to live in Hendersonville, NC a week before moving, loading up the Uhaul and getting new jobs (also marriage). So here we are now, North Carolinians. Or at least Stephanie is (she’s also officially a Miller, in case you hadn’t heard). I’ll get around to it eventually, once I’m feeling less lazy (read: never).

On the plus side, my friend formerly known as therapist is now my friend. No one seems excited about this except me but trust me when I tell you that this is cool. In fact, I recently texted her (like friends do) to ask her if she had ever heard of Jenny Lawson, which leads me into my next point: have YOU heard of Jenny Lawson aka The Bloggess?!

  • Do you have anxiety?
  • Do you appreciate witty gifs?
  • Do you have an open mind about taxidermy and the possibility for it to be really fucking cute?
  • Do you enjoy laughing?
  • Do you consider yourself weird?
  • Do you breathe?
  • Do you like women who curse like sailors?

If you answered “yes” to one or more of the above questions then you should absolutely, definitely check out her blog and also read/listen to her book. I’m fairly certain she is my spirit animal. And I know a shit ton of people read her stuff and think, “OMG, like, we are the same person! BFFL,” but they’re wrong and actually Jenny and I really would be best friends I just know it. Or maybe she could be like my cool blogging mentor. And I would write a post and send it to her for edits and she’d give me feedback and I’d text all my friends and say, “Guess what amazing thing Jenny my mentor said about my blog today! Blah blah blah. Isn’t she so cool?!” And then I’d blog about our friendship like I’m doing here right now. God I hope she sees this… Seriously though, go check her out.

Good night, peach blight
(this one is questionable at best)

P.S. Does anyone have any personal thoughts on Chromebooks? I think it’s time to graduate from typing on the iPad. But also not quite ready to drop a grand on a new computer because did I mention I work for a nonprofit?

P.P.S. And now I leave with you this song that has nothing to do with anything I’ve written but it’s an enjoyable (if not somewhat inappropriate) throwback so just accept it. k thanks bye.


1 thought on “I Got a Girl Crush

  1. Wow, now I feel like a queen-friends with a future famous blogger! Maybe I’ll write Jenny a fanmail and tell her about you. Then the circle will be complete and I could come visit and eat thin mints crushed into ice cream with you! I’ll going to miss seeing you but I think it’s super cool we’re friends, too. Pffft to everyone else. 😘


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