Day 40 – I guess I’m eating healthy now?

I told myself when I started this blog that my goal would be to post two or three times a week. Well, last week failed, but honestly, I ain’t mad. I went from a rough week watching the puppy and feeling lonely in a big empty house, to an even rougher week at work. I was stressed to the max and barely home. I had the weekend to myself and actively did not want to write, which makes me sad that I reached that level of feeling burnt out, I love writing. It’s cathartic. But it’s a new week and a lot of good things have already happened.

Tuesday, Steph and I got free tickets (you know how I love free) to see the touring production of Chicago. Fun Fact: this is my dream show to be in. I love burlesque. Like, seriously love. But it just does not have much of a place in this generation. So Chicago would be my way of being in a burlesque performance without all the shitty judgment. If I lived in NY or LA though (I never will) I would be dancing my scantily clad ass off all day. I think garter belts are sexy af. On ANYONE. I also just made Steph watch the movie…Catherine Zeta-Jones is a babe.

Wednesday and Thursday night were work nights. Every month and a half or so we have these cocktail receptions that accompany the performance (I work for a theatre company by the way). I plan them. I never have more than one a month let alone a week. Last week was different. Thus making it terribly stressful. It’s hard to keep all that shit straight. Three guest lists, table, linen and dish rentals and of course the bar and caterer. It’s a lot to keep up with. And Steph and I started this clean eating challenge last Monday so I didn’t get to enjoy much of anything (more on that in a bit).

Friday, Steph left town for Greenville where her family lives. Meanwhile I swiffer mopped the kitchen floor and played Wii hip hop. Needless to say it got a bit rowdy. On Saturday Steph went wedding dress shopping and unfortunately I can’t comment too much on this because, well, I wasn’t there, but I do know two things: 1. Her David’s Bridal experience was wildly different than mine (read: awful) and 2. SHE GOT A DRESS. So we both have dresses now and that’s that. Oh and I want to reiterate this: she and I are BOTH wearing dresses. And not just dresses but wedding gowns. Neither of us is “playing the man”. I just want to be perfectly clear on that. While she spent the day in dressing rooms, I spent my day at my third event and then my night playing Wii hip hop. Again. Because that shit is my jam.

Sunday the next good thing happened: it was a beautiful day. I love the winter…for snow. If it’s not snowing, then I fucking hate the cold. Working a desk job means I don’t see the sun a whole lot, which honestly I’m not used to. I grew up as a pool rat. Woodley pool in Falls Church, VA, was my second home in the summer. Swim practice, life guarding, swim lessons, coaching…I did it all. Then I went on to spend my summer in CO as a camp counselor. So despite my 4 years in the business, this lack of vitamin D still feels foreign to me. Steph and my’s apartment is situated rather close to this amazing park in downtown Charleston. It’s pretty big, has a beautiful pond in the middle, tons of trees and flowers and an awesome running course. So for the first time in probably four months I ran. And I ran 4.5 miles! I never run more than 2! So I’m pretty damn impressed by myself.

And last, by certainly not least, Steph and I bought tickets to Beyonce today. Yes, you read that correctly. The Queen Bey herself. I’m dying inside. In like the best way possible. It’s honestly very difficult to contain my excitement and I imagine I’ll will vomit on the night of May 3rd from my overwhelming emotions. Just a hunch though. We’ll see.

Ok, back to to this food thing. You could call it a diet. I do sometimes but honestly I don’t like to. When I hear diet I think of people starving themselves.Which we are absolutely not doing because I would be a hangry ravenous bitch. Really we’re just cutting out sugar, focusing on portions, eating more veggies and sticking to a regular workout schedule. For the most part it’s fine but I gripe about it a lot. I want to challenge myself and make it the full 28 days. I enjoy mini challenges. I was a vegetarian for a month once for the same reason, I just wanted to know if I could do it. On day 31 I rewarded myself with a steak. And it was damn good. I have absolutely “cheated” though. Because I love sugar. And cake. I really love cake. And Krispy Kreme donuts. And I really hate denying myself delicious foods. And I never feel hungry which shows me that I could be eating smaller portions regularly. The thing I hate most though is that I’m tired of eating the same thing every day. My taste buds crave change. Which is partly why I caved and got a donut. That and I ran 4.5 miles that morning and I finished week one so I deserved a reward. Yea, I realize that’s counter productive, but I don’t care. That was the best hot donut I’ve ever had. I also needed to start working out again and this was a good way to get me to do it. Plus soccer games start up again this week so that helps. Ugh. I’m going to reward the shit out of myself when this is over. Chocolate chip pancakes in the morning and a cheeseburger at night. Mmmm. And Girl Scout cookies…ok, now I’m just listing food. It’s only been one week and I’m fairly positive about this experience right now but we’ll see how it goes. I do know for a fact that we have a big cheat weekend coming up. Wine + Food Festival. So much food. Even more booze. Probably like our wedding…except less food.

Quick note: some woman came in the office the other day and asked where I go to school. I promptly informed her that I do not. She looked confused. I explained I work here full-time because I assumed she thought I was a college student. Wrong. This chick thought I was a damn high school student. I AM TWENTY-FIVE! I AM NOT A CHILD!

peace out alfalfa sprout

…I don’t know…it sounded healthy. I regret.


2 thoughts on “Day 40 – I guess I’m eating healthy now?

  1. Dude, go to Seattle where the burlesque scene is alive and well! Also, woodley poooool!!


  2. Thanks for the giggles. Awesome post, as always and yay,-Steph has a dress!


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