Day – We got engaged (again)!

First of all, there’s now a button on the right side so you can follow my blog! I have had a few followers this whole time [read: 4] and they are amazing because I have no idea how they did it. Apparently you have to add the button? There should be a list of things to know about blogs…(there probably is).

Second of all, did you notice I gave up on numbering?

Third of all, this is another one of those posts where I’m too overwhelmed by stuff that happened and so worried I’ll forget something good that I don’t know where to start.

Timelines, Michelle, timelines are good. Chronology? Do that.

I have such good ideas.

Steph and I have always planned to do separate proposals complete with a ring. I’m going to be a tad bit honest here and tell you that her proposal last October was a complete shock. I had not even the slightest clue it was happening. Which may give you some indication that I had not fully planned my way to pop the question when she asked. In fact, I had barely brainstormed. I think I had the whole, get down on one knee thing, but that was about it. Have I mentioned before that Steph and I are surprisingly traditional for a couple of lesbians? Fast forward to January. I think the 22nd to be exact. I order the ring Steph picked out after a few weeks of utter stress and a few breakdowns here and there. That was the date I gave myself for when it absolutely had to be ordered because they gave a two week turn around time. We had planned sometime in January to venture to Salisbury (our wedding location, if you recall) on February 6th for an engagement shoot with our photographer. I know! I’ll propose during the shoot! Oh my goodness I’m brilliant. Way to go, Michelle. Do you have a calendar near you? You should check those dates…

Monday, February 1
I contacted the shop and asked for updates. They sent a raw picture of the ring and I panicked and thought, “fuck. This ring isn’t going to be ready in time and I’ll have to propose when she gets back from New Orleans which just so happens to be Valentine’s Day weekend and will be so lame. Whyyy did I drag my feet?” I ask them if they can rush it order it.


Wednesday, February 3
Steph and I have now decided to go to Salisbury on the 5th instead of the 6th. I ask the shop if it’s ready tomorrow if I can get it shipped overnight.

Don’t worry. This was not the finished product.

Thursday, February 4
It’s a miracle!!! The ring is ready. It’s going to be sent overnight to me and everything is fine and wonderful! Beat. Steph and I have planned to carpool on Friday because right after work we have a dinner and from there we leave for Salisbury. She gets off work anywhere between 1:00 and 3:00. How do I get the ring?? Panic has sunk back in. Steph’s mother informs me that I will probably have to sign for the ring because it’s expensive and THAT MAKES SENSE SO WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THAT? Panic has now consumed me. Plan #1 was to get dropped of at work, take a taxi home immediately and wait for the FedEx and pray that it got there before Steph. If I didn’t get out of there before Steph got home my plan was to hide in the guest room closet. Let me tell you, I never once thought myself out of that situation. That plan completely ended with me in the closet. Irony? Plan #2 involved a text conversation with my friend Moe in which she had the brilliant idea to have the ring shipped to work (honestly, I should have done this in the first place). The shop had a rule though that they could not change the shipping address. Back to Plan #1. But they could send it to a FedEx location. Plan #3. I announced that I would not need to take the day off, simply an hour to take my taxi ride to FedEx upon delivery. My boss informs me the closest location is about 30 minutes away. Damn that’s a long taxi ride. I used the google and discovered a much closer location! I also expressed my lack of car and my coworker offered hers like the goddess she is.

Friday, February 5
I got dropped off at work and as soon as I walked in I got a text from FedEx alerting me that my package was ready to be picked up. The goddess offered to drive me so we headed over. I was a bundle of nerves in the passenger seat. I gave the FedEx lady my name and she looked everywhere for the package but said she couldn’t find it. I was seconds away from crawling over the counter and ripping every box apart when she had the brilliant idea to search by tracking number. She found it. I hid that bad boy in my purse and spent the rest of the afternoon trying not to tell Steph my secret (usually I’m pretty good at keeping surprises, but this felt like way too big a surprise). Steph picked me up a little early and we headed to dinner then got on the road to Salisbury. You figured that would be it for Friday, huh? Yea right. I have another story. Steph was driving because I can’t drive at night (I’ve thrown up on the side of Highway 26 a few times from anxiety. Not really sure about that one…). It’s about 10:15pm and we are just outside of NC when I notice this white car swerving slightly between lanes. Drunk or tired, those are my immediate thoughts. I notice he’s on his phone playing a game, not once looking up at the road. “Steph, will you slow down?” “I’m not even going that fast!” “…no. I want to look inside this guy’s car.” Well I did. And I saw what was a 6 or 7-year-old steering the car on this man’s lap. I was already on edge worrying that Steph might accidentally find the ring and now I’m terrified that we, and everyone around us, are going to get into a terrible accident. I call Highway Patrol so fast. I give them every mile marker he passes and we turn on the hazard lights as the officer approaches so he can easily locate our position. He was pulled over just past the SC/NC border. We got in to the Simpson farm around 10:40 and were warmly greeted with a cocktail (I love my Lord Chamberlain). We got to see our Save the Date mockups (they’re awesome) and I gave my bridespeople their gifts (they were not awesome). Steph had these super thoughtful and creative gifts for her bridal party that totally put mine to shame. I gave everyone a tiny box with a balloon inside and a safety pin attached that said, “pop me.” Inside the balloon was a rolled up message and confetti. This all may sound creative but I bought a kit off Etsy. So it’s not. They turned out to be a huge disappointment because the boxes were so small that the balloons could not be inflated enough to actually pop. They just sorta deflated. So that was a major letdown.

Saturday, February 6th
MJ taught me to fry goat cheese (we’re working on one of my New Year’s Resolutions) and we had a delicious little breakfast. We walked around the farm picking out good photo op spots and getting an idea for the ceremony location. We headed to lunch at Hap’s in downtown Salisbury for lunch. Do you know what’s a terrible idea to eat only an hour before an engagement shoot? Chili cheese dogs. But I did it anyways with a sidimagee of Cheerwine to boot. Our wonderfully wonderful photographer Ricky showed up at 3pm. [Steph and I have done a few things backwards when it comes to this wedding. Namely, we hired a photographer and a cater without having met them. But let me tell you, both have worked out great so far.] We walked around and took pictures for about an hour and a half. I was not dressed for the weather (but I looked dang cute) so I was miserably cold. [Note: at one point, as we headed into the forest, Ricky announced, “people know where I am. Just so you all know.”] We headed towards the ceremony spot and I knew it was almost time. My heart was in my stomach. I told Steph it was important for Ricky to see the area before the actual day, even if we didn’t any actual engagement shots. We walked into the clearing and everything I had rehearsed to say disappeared. I was suddenly aware that everyone was watching me. Honestly, I have no idea what I said to her…But I was on one knee, I opened the box (on the second try, as it was facing the wrong way the first time) and I must have asked a question because I think she said yes. And that it was perfect. And some other mushy stuff. We celebrated with champagne and took a few more shots. That night some friends came to town so we went out downtown (to one of the three bars) and got a little bit drunk. Mmm. Perhaps I should rephrase that…We got very drunk. Or at least I did. There were tequila shots involved. Mutiple! Steph and I sang karaoke and it was terribly adorable.

the box is backwards at this point.

Sunday, February 7
[Background: Steph and I had planned to drive through Charlotte on Sunday on our way back to Charleston to hit up the Food Truck that would be catering our wedding. The day I ordered the ring I messaged Steph’s family and asked them to join us for lunch to surprise Steph–assuming the ring arrived on time. They were very nervous right alongside me. We had planned for a 12:30 feeding time.] I woke up around 9am and thought I was dying so went back to sleep. 10:30 I woke up and thought, “we need to leave at 11:30 to get there on time. I should get up now to pack and eat.” I did not. I think 11:00 I finally got up? Ate some eggs and delivered Steph the bad news that she would have to drive us there. She asked if I still wanted to go. I rallied as best I could and got us out the door at 11:50ish. Ten minutes later Steph’s family informs me they are already there and we’re not due in for another hour. Fuck. Then we realize I have left my purse. Double fuck. We start to turn around and I’m cursing up a storm but people love me so I was informed that it would be delivered to Charlotte. We get there at 1:01 but don’t walk in until about 1:15. Why you ask? Because I was busy yakking in the bushes. Tequila, remember? We ordered one of everything off the menu and I think I ate a chip. But everyone said it was really good so that’s enough for me! (Vegetarians and vegans, you may need to bring snacks). We had to wrap up probably quicker than Steph wanted because she had planned a Superbowl party back in Charleston. Surprisingly enough, I drank a beer later that night.

[I really didn’t edit this post. It bounces between tenses a lot which is honestly one of my pet peeves but can we just agree to let that go?]


2 thoughts on “Day – We got engaged (again)!

  1. omg! loves it! (especially the #vomfest)


  2. ^what she said. *snort*


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