Day One

I’ve talked about making this blog for months but have been putting it off like it’s my job. (I also think that’s how everyone starts their blog–27 words in and I’ve already lost any semblance of originality. Swell). This site’s main purpose is to showcase my rants and drivel about how shitty it is to plan a wedding. I know everyone knows that. And I know there are plenty of blogs that say that. As we have clearly seen I’m not aiming to be all that different. But I was Catholic. And I am gay (sort of). And I am marrying a lady. And my family doesn’t support it. So perhaps there are not a ton of blogs on this specific topic. Or perhaps I’m wrong and all of this is shit and it’s basically my very own 2016 livejournal or xanga…you remember those, right?

First thing’s first: I need to invest in a new computer. Or borrow the extra laptop from work (I’m thinking the latter). Because typing these posts on my tiny ass phone (that could actually be a whole lot tinier) sucks. And also Steph thinks that because I’m on my phone I must be perusing buzzfeed or other useless outlets so she interrupts me every few minutes to show me some article or site. The hammocks suspended on the paddle boards though….totally worth the interruption. Should we win the billion dollar lottery tonight that will be one of the first things I invest in. After a kitten, of course.

Steph is my fiancée. Chances are if you’re reading this you know who Steph is because you know me. Or you are in fact Steph. Or one of Steph’s family members (soon to be my family members-in-law). Steph’s name is Stephanie and she much prefers that but I prefer nicknames. Like Meph. Which I also call her. Honestly I find this to be a better version of her name because it begins with the most brilliant letter. She really should thank me for making her life better. Steph has a dog named Max and he’s a black lab and he’s fat. Soon he will be mine and his name will also be better because of the alliteration. He should also thank me. We live in a 2 bedroom in downtown Charleston, SC and to be honest we are tired of living in this beautiful, top place to visit, uber walkable, full of history city.

The wedding:

We have $6,000 to plan a wedding for 100 people on a farm in Salisbury, NC. We are paying for this completely on our own and I want to shrivel up and die inside when I think about a $6,000 party. But it’s happening and we’re doing it. I have good days and bad days. Unfortunately, the bad days are really bad. They usually end with me in a sleepy, hopeless ball of tears. Which is ultimately why I decided to write. Catharsis and all that jazz. So this is the start of my big fat lesbian wedding blog. Here it is in all its gay glory. Enjoy.




3 thoughts on “Day One

  1. You didn’t mention my birthday once….


  2. Is it your birthday, Steph? Happy Birthday! Also, no matter what you plan, and what does or doesn’t happen, it will be the perfect wedding for y’all…because, well, it will be YOUR WEDDING! Congrats you two.


  3. This is my favorite ever. More please.

    Congratulations to you both! I am so thrilled for you. (Happy Birthday, Stephanie!)

    Your also used-to-be-Catholic, but still gay married friend from elementary school

    PS I’m surprised how many from our class can use that signature. Life is awesome


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